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    image from various sources

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    Since March 2011 I am involved in start-up activities and project work around my newest hobby – Stand Up Paddle Surfing (on the waters of Austria)!

    My focus is on having fun in my free time, doing a healthy workout for myself, explore on a board the local magic and also be able to do that together with my family! Spreading the SUPlove!

    That is why I am keen on Stand Up Paddling or SUP Surfing!

    If you like to support the activities of the SUP Surfing Association Upper Austria (“SUP Surfing OÖ“), give us a vote!

    SUP Surfing Upper Austria

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    Further information on our activities can also be found here: http://www.supsurfing.at

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    “SUP Surfing OÖ” – club in the course of formation 

    The new site of the SUP Surfing Association Upper Austria (in short: SUP Surfing OÖ) – http://www.supsurfing.at is online and under construction! At the moment we are occupied with launching further initial club activities that will be spread via digital channels soon.

    We are further looking for partners and sponsors that would like to support our “SUPlove” and Stand Up Paddle activities, predominantly taking place in Upper Austria (weekend) and Carinthia (during the week).

    Activities/Projects planned for 2011:

    1. launch of online channels (including homepage, cms, blog, diverse social media channels)
    2. SUP-invitationals: to stoke you out on an entry level: possibility to try out SUP on flat-water/-lakes
    3. spot-guiding: at the Ausee (in Asten/Upper Austria), at the Lendkanal (in Klagenfurt/Carinthia)
    4. periodic training time: mostly in the weekends  (fun & recreation)
    5. motto: “explore on your board the local magic and spread the SUPlove

    Looking forward to get in further exchange with YOU! – http://www.supsurfing.at/

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    “Living the Stoke” | SUP movie 

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    SUP Surfing – the statement 

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